Corporate Reputation

  • In the last 30 years more information has been produced than had been in the previous 5000 years. A child in the UK happens to view 140,000 TV ads by the age of 18. One weekend copy of NY Times contains more information than an ordinary British man of 17th century might have been exposed to through his life. They all indicate that the companies of today need to communicate through the right messages and channels. Thus, ERA Research & Consultancy works intensively to guide the companies on their communication messages and channels via their reputation researches.

  • Our reputation research experiences:

  • ERA partners have been conducting Corporate Communication and Reputation Researches for nearly 12 years and is the first and most experienced team in Turkey on Corporate Communication and Reputation Researches. The model used in the study was initially developed by STRATEJI in 1993. Weekly sectoral analysis was published in Hürriyet Newspaper. It was first launched by Elvan Oktar, Semiha Kısmen and Andersen Consultancy with the name of “Impact on Society”. The multi-stakeholder dynamic model was developed in 1999. Currently more than 150 studies have been conducted in more than 50 companies under the guidance of Elvan Oktar and Semiha Kısmen.

  • Successes of the corporate reputation model:

  • The paper in which the model is explained by Selim Oktar was presented twice in the Annual ESOMAR (Global Professional Reserachers’ Association) Congresses of 1996 and 2003 and was nominated as the Best Paper in 2003. The same paper was chosen as one of the best papers of the last 10 years by ESOMAR in 2006 and will be published as a book. All stages of the model were developed in Turkey and the critical procedures such as data analysis and reporting have been conducted by the Turkish project team.


Who uses it more intensively?

  • Communication agencies to prepare communication plans for their customers.
  • Companies which are attentive on corporate communication and reputation management and do or would like to apply it in a planned fashion.
  • Companies which are in the stock exchange.
  • The companies which are not in the stock exchange yet but which consider to be in the next 2 years.
  • Companies which design social responsibility projects within a communication plan and are willing to see the effect involved.

What are the advantages of the model?

The model was designed in a simple way which will provide direct input into communication plans. Current perception can be assessed and data for the optimum preparation of the future communication plans is rendered. Since different shareholders are interviewed, advantages of the stakeholder interaction are utilized. When necessary the effect of the future actions on the business outcomes can be simulated.

When do we measure?

  • There are two specific timings on reputation researches. Large scale studies (where the number of stakeholders is high or when all messages are measured) are conducted once a year providing a foundation for the strategic communication plan and determination of the actions to be taken. Right after the large scale study the actions taken on the basis of stakeholders are tracked every three months. Thus, the effect of actions taken on the stakeholder is monitored periodically.