Our Story


It was established in June 2006 with the partnership of 3 experienced names of the sector.

ERA partners have previously worked together as researchers and managers at STRATEGY|MORI for 8 years, as consultants for 2 years at GfK Turkey and as managers for 2 years.

The most important promise of ERA is to provide a results-oriented and strategy-oriented research service that adds value with the experience gained from different examples without compromising ethical values.

We are from ERA;

  • We support women in Business.
  • We adopt a participatory, egalitarian and transparent management approach.
  • We work with the understanding of adding value to customers.
  • We conduct all our business with an ethical and transparent understanding.
  • We make the environment in which we work as a team enjoyable.

According to the results of the ERA Customer Satisfaction Survey, our customers;

  • 97% are very satisfied or satisfied with ERA
  • 95% are considering working with ERA again
  • 93% recommend ERA

According to this research, our best found aspects are;

  • The proposal should be in accordance with my needs and goals
  • They understand me
  • Completing things on time
  • Experience
  • The speed of return to our demands
  • Regularly providing information at every stage of the project
  • He takes care of every job and process he does
  • The service I received is worth the price I paid
  • I am comfortable that the project process will work smoothly

ERA is a member of ESOMAR (World Association of Researchers) and TÜAD (Turkish Association of Researchers) and a partner of IriS (International Research Institutes) network Turkey.

ERA Research & Consultancy provides services in both qualitative and quantitative fields.