Employee Research


The employee surveys that we carry out with intensity are as follows:

  • Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Employee Engagement
  • Agility
  • Cultural Transformation
  • Corporate Values and Culture
  • Internal Communication
  • Internal Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Profile and Lifestyles
  • Workplace Preference

Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty

  • The main purpose of employee satisfaction and loyalty studies is the work of employees
  • to measure and improve the levels of satisfaction and commitment in your life
  • is to provide data to create activity/communication plans for. This
  • the following topics are mainly examined within the scope of the scope:
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • The Main Measures of Commitment (belonging, emotional attachment, propensity to recommend, repeat as a request for work)
  • Satisfaction areas and criteria (exemplified below)
    • The Job Itself
    • Working Environment
    • Wages and Benefits
    • Personal Development Opportunities
    • Career Opportunities
    • Performance Management
    • Recognition and Appreciation of Achievements
    • Affiliate Manager
    • Senior Management