Corporate Social Responsibility


ERA team has been working on Corporate Social Responsibility Research since 1997. Speeches have been delivered in various conferences and articles have been published in newspapers and magazines since 2004.

  • Why shall Corporate Social Responsibility be measured?

  • To determine relevant CSR activities which will affect the contact with the stakeholders in particular, CSR shall be measured: To know how much of the reputation comes from the CSR studies, To assess the social and corporate contribution of the money (win-win).

  • What is the relevance of CSR to Corporate Reputation?
  • The conditions that affect the influence level of the Corporate Social Responsibility on the company reputation:
  • Content of the CSR activities conducted
  • The connection level of this content to the company
  • The correctness and intensity of the communication made
  • Continuity of the activity and the communication involved
  • Social needs and sensitivities

What shall be measured in the CSR procedure?

WHAT SHALL BE INVESTED IN? Basic study before the campaign Significant problems of Turkey on the basis of stakeholders Determination of the issues connected to the the company on the basis of the stakeholders Who shall be my strategic partners (NGO's, people,etc.)?

  • HOW SHALL THE INVESTMENT BE MADE? Concept tests before the campaign
  • IS IT PERCEIVED RIGHT? Follow-up studies during the campaign
  • WHAT KIND OF AN IMPACT DOES IT HAVE? Efficiency measurement after the campaign.