Aylin Taşkıner // Bersay Communication Group
"As Bersay Communication Group, we use ERA to measure the reputation perceptions of the institutions we serve with different stakeholders we have been cooperating with it for many years. ERA has a large field team with an expert staff based on a successful methodology the results of their meticulously conducted research and the detailed analyses they have based on these results show that our customers it offers valuable insights that guide us when determining communication strategies and creating roadmaps."
Berrin Atalan // ESBAŞ
"ERA has supported us in measuring and interpreting the perceptions of our stakeholders in the steps we have taken towards excellence.When you say ERA if you were asked what comes to mind, I would say: Smiling face, professionalism, agility."
Duygu Yılmaz Hancılar // Er-Bakır
"In line with the vision of your company and with the logic of continuous improvement, to take a photo of the current situation related to your focus topic, roadmap you want to get a professional support to take it off and take advantage of the experience on the market. Experienced, first-time, solution-oriented, guide, each other you want to make a business partnership with a team that complements, is friendly and has positive energy. Can I find such a business partner, while thinking and researching it will be difficult, you have found this page and are currently reading these lines. From now on, you can stop your research. Because you've found the ”It" team!
Elif Aydar // MPR
"We believe that we should have concrete data about this brand/institution/person before establishing a correct and results-oriented communication strategy. For this reason, we attach great importance to all the research done on the brand, especially reputation. ERA, on the other hand, has been in this sense for many years, especially in the PR sector, it always offers us a solid foundation with its reputation research. Thanks to our cooperation with ERA, we have been successful, measurable and we have implemented many strategies and projects that serve business goals."
Elif Sözer Dumlu // Evyap
"In almost all areas of the service sector, the priority and the main thing is to understand the customer correctly. However, in a study that will shed light on many issues such as ”Research" and create a basis, analyzing the customer's needs well, suggesting the right way and method, obtaining fast and reliable results and transferring these results to the other side can be more critical than other service areas. It is also not possible for any strategy built on a study that has not been done correctly to be correct. ERA manages to be a real business partner both in understanding the needs and expectations of its customers correctly, in proposing the most accurate research model, and in contributing to the strategic roadmap through its post-research workshops. It is also a great comfort and pleasure to work with a team that knows what it is doing well and, more importantly, does its job with love. Thank you, ERA..."
Evrim Şirin // FİBA Commercial Properties
"ERA is a successful solution partner that is customer and solution oriented and supports this with its business quality in the work of shopping malls that we are an investor in and manage."
Göknur Acar Erbakış // Bersay Contact Group
"ERA, which we have been working elbow to elbow for many customers from different sectors for many years, sheds light on our way thanks to its accurate and reliable detection with modern research methods when determining our communication strategies. With the fact that we cannot manage what we cannot measure, we, as communication consultants, will always have the peace of mind of knowing that ERA is right next to us as long as we aspire to manage the communication processes of institutions."
Mine Türkün // Senior Consultant, Corporate Communication, Freelance
"Strategies determined according to the results of field research are always successful. The ERA Team also has a highly experienced and expert staff in analyzing the data obtained from the field and the field, and most importantly, providing you with areas for improvement. If you are looking for a companion for yourself in research, I recommend working with ERA. The strategies I have created with their analysis for many years have always been successful and continue to be achieved."
Pelin Özkan // Kapital
"As the Mediacat and Brand Week teams, we have a DNA match with the ERA team. We have been making a journey that has not been based on any relationship of interest or gain for many years. We rely on them a lot. They are US. I know that I will never have to follow up on a job that I have handed over to this team. They will do what is necessary. We do research for MediaCat from time to time. However, our most important collaboration is happening at Brand Week. Our participants, who left this year with a fairly high level of satisfaction and excitement, should know that the ERA team has a lot to do with this success. They shed light on us with their research and reports. We complete our journey by further improving something that we are good at with that light and surprising even ourselves every time. As soon as that year's trip is over, we are coming together again to create a new energy for the next dec. Have a nice trip together, ERA team. May 2020 be your best year."
Serap Sönmez Gündem // ESBAŞ
"As ESBAS, it is very important for us that customer feedback is received in a healthy way, it is turned into meaningful data sets. We would like to thank ERA Research, our long-term solution partner, for their support in this process, which we have been working on meticulously so that we can properly identify our improvement areas and take the right actions."
Sertaç Barlas // Abbott”
"We had a chance to work with ERA in groups that I have been in for 3-4 years. You are a team that understands what the customer wants, develops it in the processes and ensures that results are achieved by including its own experience. It also stands out from other companies with disciplined and high-quality work. One of the most important issues is compliance with the time plan."